Artist: Lee Yun Hee, 2016
Medium: White porcelain and gold leaf
Size: 34 x 26 x 17cm

South Korean artist Lee Yun Hee (born 1987) creates narrative ceramic pieces inspired by literature and story telling. She uses both Western and Eastern influences, creating a style of her own that is striking, unique and undoubtedly contemporary. Her work i fragile and flawless, almost creating an aura of effortlessness. She uses her work to reflect upon stories of everyday people; their struggles, fears, hopes and anxieties. Her works act as windows into her own version of a fairy tale. Yun Hee is able to re-create morality stories within her own framework. She refers to herself as a collector - she take influence from everything she sees. She explains, "I have been keen on collecting images since I was a child. i would rather cut out the pictures from cartoons than read them. Even the encyclopedia wasn't safe. These processes have had more influence than anything else on my background as an artist."Yun Hee's work is mythical and fantastic. Through balancing modern, classic, Eastern and Western styles, she has created and epic body of art that is honest , profound and truly unique.This figurative piece is made of fine white porcelain, hand painted with gold on the base and decorated with delicate blue, violet and gold floral and butterflies. In the middle of the architectural pedestal feature is some kind of empora with four female heads. On the left and right side there are two pairs of figures, on the one side is a lying woman and skeleton lying on her, on the other side is also a woman lying (there was one more figure which is broken with only the legs left - see photographs for the damage).

This sculpture was donated to FARA Pimlico.

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